Qflex-APIM - API Manager for Anypoint Platform

API Manager for Anypoint

Qflex-APIM: Your Free, Effective API Manager for Anypoint Platform

Welcome to the world of Netflexity’s Qflex-APIM, an innovative, free API manager designed as a native Mule 4 application. Purposefully built to complement the Mulesoft Anypoint Platform, it presents an effective and reliable alternative to manage your APIs without breaking the bank.

API Manager for Anypoint Platform / v1.0.0 (Mule 4.4.0+)

July 22, 2023

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In an increasingly digital world, APIs have become crucial building blocks of modern applications, creating a need for efficient and reliable API Management. API Management ensures the optimal performance, security, and governance of APIs in the software lifecycle. With Qflex-APIM, we bring an efficient API Management solution that is both user-friendly and packed with powerful features.

Key Features

  • Native Mule 4 Application: Qflex-APIM is a native Mule 4 application, ensuring seamless integration with your existing Mulesoft Anypoint Platform.

  • Cloud and Hybrid Compatibility: Whether your applications run on the Anypoint Cloud (CloudHub) or on-premise environments, Qflex-APIM smoothly integrates with them.

  • Intelligent Code Injection: Using Anypoint Platform APIs, Qflex-APIM extracts the application source, identifies injection areas, performs smart code injection, and re-deploys applications. All these without needing any extra code changes or additional plugins.

  • Ease of Deployment: Qflex-APIM is effortlessly deployable to cloud or on-premise environments, just like any regular Mulesoft application.

  • User-friendly Web UI: Comes with an intuitive Web User Interface, making it a breeze to set up and apply policies to your applications.

Supported Policies:

Qflex-APIM supports a variety of API policies to enhance the security and functionality of your APIs without making any code changes. These include:

  • CORS (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing): Enable safe cross-domain communication from the browser.

  • Basic Authentication: Set up a simple authentication policy for APIs using a username and password.

  • JWT (JSON Web Tokens): Implement secure, token-based authentication and information exchange.

  • Client-ID Enforcement: Ensure only authorized clients can access your APIs.

  • Property Value Updater (YAML or Java properties): Update your application properties easily without having to alter your codebase.

The Importance of API Management

As organizations become more data-driven, the role of APIs is becoming increasingly critical in ensuring seamless information exchange and improving business efficiency. However, without proper management, APIs can become a security risk, and their performance can be sub-optimal. That's where Qflex-APIM comes in. We provide a user-friendly, effective solution for API management, ensuring optimal performance, security, and control over your APIs.

Get started with Qflex-APIM today and unlock a hassle-free way to manage your APIs. Experience the true potential of your Mulesoft Anypoint Platform with our free API manager!