What is Qflex?

  • Qflex is a WebSphere MQ and WebSphere Message Broker Monitoring Facility
  • Qflex offers Statistics collection and comprehensive Reporting Facility
  • Qflex is a web-based application that is constantly monitoring your messaging infrastructure
  • Qflex is accessible from anywhere via browser
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Purpose of Qflex

Failure Monitoring

  • Monitor status of MQ Queue Manager or Broker
  • Monitor for Specific Queue Depths and Channel Status.
  • Detect messages that have been sitting on the queue too long
  • Identify failures in Message Broker
  • Perform Recovery Actions (including by accessing server via ssh and invoking scripts)
  • Send alerts via SNMP, E-mail or Log
  • Perform monitoring according to user defined policy (certain days of the week, month, etc)

Performance Monitoring

  • Collect statistics about how many messages went through each queue
  • Facilitate performance testing by showing how fast applications are enqueing and dequeing messages
  • Show when and how many messages were places on specific queues
  • Allow users to browse and put messages on the queue via web based interface.

Change Control

  • Qflex can detect changes to all WebSphere MQ objects
  • Changes can be approved or objects can be reverted to any of the previously recorded states by rejecting the change
  • Alternatively changes can be scheduled to be promoted to other environments at specific intervals

Other Features

Security and Logging

  • Qflex allows creating of users with different levels of security access
  • All logins and other actions performed can be logged for later auditing


  • Web Based
  • Intuitive and designed to minimize repetitive work such as monitor creation
  • Start/Stop services
  • Use regular expressions to search through objects
  • Colorful, easy to understand charts and reports


  • Web based message browser
  • Queue to File, File to Queue
  • Queue to SFTP, SFTP to Queue
  • Queue to JDBC, JDBC to Queue