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Mulesoft JSON Logger Evolution

Netflexity Breathes New Life into the Beloved JSON Logger Project

Commitment to Continued Innovation and Security

We at Netflexity are thrilled to announce our continued support for the much-valued JSON Logger project, which has been a cornerstone for developers in creating more transparent and manageable log files within Mule applications. Our dedicated fork marks not just the continuation but also the evolution of this project that has been archived on GitHub.

The original JSON Logger project, as detailed in the Mulesoft blog (JSON Logging in Mule 4), brought a new level of clarity and structure to logging. Our team has always been a strong proponent of open-source solutions that empower developers, and this venture aligns perfectly with our vision.

Forward-Thinking Updates:

  • JDK 17 Support: Recognizing the importance of staying current, we are updating the JSON Logger to be compatible with JDK 17, ensuring that it remains a staple tool for modern development environments.
  • Mulesoft Connectors and Libraries: We are not just reviving but revitalizing the project by updating all Mulesoft connectors and libraries to their latest versions. This proactive measure guarantees compatibility and takes advantage of the newest features and fixes.
  • Security is Paramount: In an era where security cannot be taken lightly, we are meticulously updating all dependent libraries to versions that rectify any known vulnerabilities (CVEs). Our users’ security is our priority, and this update will help protect applications from emerging threats.

Our Fork – A New Chapter:

Eager to explore our enhancements or contribute? Visit our fork of the JSON Logger project on GitHub: Netflexity JSON Logger Fork. Here, you can find the updated codebase, dive into the latest commits, and participate in the future of JSON Logger.

Join Us on This Journey:

As we embark on this journey to further enhance JSON Logger, we invite the community to join us. Your feedback, contributions, and insights are invaluable as we forge ahead to ensure that JSON Logger continues to be by developers, for developers.

Stay tuned for more updates as we roll out additional features and improvements. Together, let’s keep the legacy of JSON Logger thriving and more relevant than ever.


Netflexity is more than just a developer of solutions; we are a catalyst for growth and advancement in the technological sphere. By picking up the torch for JSON Logger, we are setting the stage for a future where development is streamlined, secure, and community-driven.