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Qflex-AMQ v1.0.4 Release

🚀 Exciting News – Qflex-AMQ v1.0.4 is Here! 🚀

We’re delighted to announce the launch of the latest Qflex-AMQ update, version 1.0.4. This new release brings powerful features that transform Qflex-AMQ into a complete solution, effectively replacing the Anypoint MQ UI.

Download v1.0.4

The new built-in queue message sender and message browser significantly streamline the user experience, delivering most of the same out-of-the-box features as Anypoint MQ UI, but also extending beyond with advanced reporting and monitoring capabilities. 📊👀

The best part? Qflex-AMQ remains a free product! With the release of Qflex-AMQ v1.0.4, we’re introducing a quick registration process to receive a license. Simply confirm your email, download the license file, and upload it through the newly presented license screen to continue your work.

Ready to explore these new features? Check out the short video below showcasing the new functionality of Qflex-AMQ v1.0.4. We’re confident that you’ll love the enhanced capabilities and user experience.

Feel free to reach out to our team for any questions or concerns, and happy monitoring! 💼