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Introducing Qflex-AMQ v1.0.1: Enhanced Web UI, New Features & Bug Fixes

We are thrilled to announce the release of Qflex-AMQ v1.0.1, the latest version of our powerful Anypoint MQ monitoring and management tool. With this release, we’ve introduced an array of new features, improvements, and bug fixes to make your experience with Qflex-AMQ even better. Read on to learn more about what’s new in Qflex-AMQ v1.0.1!


  1. Bundled lightweight Web UI
    In this latest release, Qflex-AMQ now comes bundled with a lightweight Web UI that can be accessed through the API URL. This user-friendly interface makes it easier than ever to manage and monitor your Anypoint MQ queues and exchanges.
  2. Exporting and Importing Messages
    The Web UI now allows you to easily export and import messages for selected destinations, including queues and FIFO queues. This makes it incredibly simple to backup your messages or migrate them between different environments.
  3. Environment Promotion
    With Qflex-AMQ v1.0.1, you can now promote Anypoint MQ queues and exchanges from one environment to another using the Web UI. This feature streamlines the process of moving your queues and exchanges between different stages of your development lifecycle.
  4. Moving Messages between Queues
    The new release allows you to move all messages from one queue to another, which is especially useful for replaying messages that ended up on dead-letter queues. This makes it easier to ensure that all your messages are processed correctly and efficiently.
  5. Bug Fixes
    We’ve addressed several bugs in this release, specifically during the queue statistics retrieval process. These fixes help ensure that Qflex-AMQ provides you with accurate and reliable information about your queues.
  6. New Reporting Feature
    Qflex-AMQ v1.0.1 introduces a new type of monitor that reports message activity across all queues within a specific environment by emailing charts and data summaries. This feature provides you with valuable insights into your messaging system’s performance, helping you optimize your Anypoint MQ infrastructure.

Upgrade to Qflex-AMQ v1.0.1 today and enjoy the benefits of these new features and improvements. As always, we value your feedback and suggestions for future enhancements. Please feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or need assistance with the upgrade.

Happy monitoring!