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News and Events

Qflex 4.3.3 Now Available

Netflexity Qflex

  1. Updated Websphere MQ Queue Manager discovery process. Please note that the process is pretty intensive and takes at times over a minute.
  2. Fixed styling issues related to Microsoft IE browsers.
  3. Added MCAUSER field to Queue Manager connection screen in order to connect with a predefined admin user instead of MQM, which is not a good practice.
  4. Updated internal Solr database to make data visible within the shortest possible timeframe. This is due to changes in how data is handled in Solr v4.8+. Based on recommendations in Solr documentation, we’ve changed solrconfig.xml for every core to “openSearcher=true”. See specifics below.

<!– AutoCommit

Perform a hard commit automatically under certain conditions.
Instead of enabling autoCommit, consider using “commitWithin”
when adding documents.

maxDocs – Maximum number of documents to add since the last
commit before automatically triggering a new commit.

maxTime – Maximum amount of time in ms that is allowed to pass
since a document was added before automatically
triggering a new commit.
openSearcher – if false, the commit causes recent index changes
to be flushed to stable storage, but does not cause a new
searcher to be opened to make those changes visible.

If the updateLog is enabled, then it’s highly recommended to
have some sort of hard autoCommit to limit the log size.