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News and Events

Qflex 3.2 Now Available.

Qflex 3.2 Enhancements

  • Support for WebSphere MQ 7.0
  • Flex Based Virtual Application Dashboard. Provides single view into the health of WebSphere MQ and applications that depend on it.
  • Recovery Actions which can invoke local Windows and Unix bat and shell scripts.
  • Transaction tracking capabilities through web services API.
  • Qflex is now available on-demand through Amazon Elastic Cloud.
  • Many other Qflex services can now be accessed via Web Services and integrated into client applications.
  • Web based queue purging facility.
  • Qmanager Down and Command Server recovery alerts. Informational alerts notifying when resource has changed its status back to operational.


Qflex 3.2 Bug Fixes

  • QFB547 – Queue Manager Down and Command Server Down for AS/400
  • QFB507 – $msg_body, $msg_id for stales message alerts did not work under some conditions.
  • QFB523 – New objects were not always discovered in Z/OS queue manager experienced an error.