Qflex 4

Qflex in Cloud

To make it even easier to try QFlex we created preconfigured images on Amazon EC2. To start QFlex 4 in the cloud you will need:

  1. Access your Amazon Web Services Account.
  2. Navigate to EC2 management console.
  3. Launch instance wizard and select one of Qflex images, depending on your availability zone:
    Region QFlex version Arch Root Store AMI
    us-east-1 4.2.4 64-bit ebs ami-ef922086
    us-west-1 4.2.4 64-bit ebs ami-91587fd4
    us-west-2 4.2.4 64-bit ebs ami-8a71ffba
    eu-west-1 4.2.4 64-bit ebs ami-dbe5e4af
    ap-southeast-1 4.2.4 64-bit ebs ami-346f2f66
    ap-northeast-1 4.2.4 64-bit ebs ami-e2ef50e3
    sa-east-1 4.2.4 64-bit ebs ami-38e83125
  4. Using security groups section, open port 8881 by adding new security group.
  5. Start Qflex instance and navigate to http://instance_public_dns:8881 (might takes several minutes for tomcat to start)
  6. In order to login, request Standard license here
  7. More on Standard vs Enterprise