Qflex 4

Qflex 4.5.0 Now Available

We are happy to announce a new version of Qflex with multiple features additions as well as important bug fixes.

  1. Added support for IIB10 (No Queue Manager dependencies)
  2. Added OS version field for Queue Manager form in order to provide custom handling for Z/OS environments
  3. Added new “Maintenance Windows” feature that allows scheduling planned downtime and not trigger any false-positive alerts.
  4. Added “MCA User” field to Queue Manager auto-discovery feature.
  5. Fixed configuration import to start all jobs upon completion, which will require no need in restart of Qflex.
  6. Optimized WMQ connection pooling to reuse existing connection without a need to create additional under heavy load.
  7. Added new alert variable/function that will print statistics (queue depth, message counts) collected during alert interval. Use code below as part of monitor message.

<#list $q_stats() as stat>
${stat.queue_nm}: ${stat.high_depth} (${stat.fetchStartTime?datetime})