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Qflex 4 Download (Cross-platform)

Qflex Unix Installer / Updater 4.5.10 (Java OpenJDK 15)

May 1, 2021 64-bit

Qflex Windows Installer / Updater 4.5.10 (Java OpenJDK 15)

May 1, 2021 64-bit

Install / Update Guide 4.4.X+

February 7, 2017 64-bit

Manual 4.4.X+

June 9, 2016 64-bit

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Qflex, the most popular free 100% web-based Websphere MQ monitoring and statistics reporting utility for all platforms, is a powerful and easy-to-use tool that quickly installs and monitors performance of your Message Oriented Middleware (MOM) infrastructure. Qflex is available as Express or Standard.

The new Qflex offers powerful new Websphere Message Broker monitoring and reporting tools, MQ Browser, Change Management utility and more…

Qflex now comes with cross-platform installer that allows to get you up and running in under a minute!

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24×7 Customer Support
Web Based Interface
Agentless (100% MQI Compliant)
J2EE Compliant
Support all IBM Supported Websphere MQ and WMBI/IIB Versions
Support all IBM Supported Websphere MQ and WMBI/IIB Platforms
Tomcat 8.x
WebSphere v5x, v6x, v7, v8, v9
IBM Integration Bus (IIB) v9.0.0.x, v10.0.0.x
HSQLDB (Embedded)
MS SQL Server, DB2, Oracle, MySQL
Queue Manager Down Detection
Command Server Down Detection
Message Broker Down Detection
Channel Status Monitor
Queue Depth Monitor
Queue Depth Percentage Monitor
Queue Put/Get Count Monitor
Queue Put/Get Disabled Monitor
Queue Full/Empty
QoS Enqueue Rate Monitor
QoS Dequeue Rate Monitor
QoS Stale Message Monitor
Flow Monitors
Web Console Notification
SMTP Notification
SNMP Notification
File Based Notification
Configurable Polling Interval
Cron-like Monitoring Policy
Alert Flood Prevention Mechanism
Aler Message Dynamic Variables ($qm_name, $enq_rate, etc)
Object preview using regex and convenient sortable tables
Alert Seach and Update
Role Based Security
Queue Statistics (*24 hours)
Queue Manager Statistics (*24 hours)
Broker Statistics (*1 hour)
Execution Group Statistics (*1 hour)
Flow Statistics (*1 hour)
Node Statistics (*1 hour)
Terminal Statistics (*1 hour)
Thread Statistics (*1 hour)
Web Chart Reports
Text Based Reports
Save Customized Reports
Data Archival
Configurable Collection Policy
Web Based Queue Browser
Web Based Put Utility
Old Message Purger
Detect Object Changes
Detect New Objects
Approve Changes
Schedule Changes
Audit Changes
Reject Changes/Delete Objects

* Statistical data will be deleted after it becomes older than specified period.